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How buzzer Professional Category
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BUZZER buzzer Category:

1, according to the principle-driven approach can be divided into: active buzzer (includes drive lines) and passive buzzer (external drive);

2, according to the different construction methods can be divided into: electromagnetic and piezoelectric buzzer buzzer;

3, according to the different packages can be divided into: DIP BUZZER (pin buzzer) and SMD BUZZER (SMD buzzer);

4, according to the different currents, can be divided into: DC and AC buzzer buzzer, which is most common in direct piezoelectric buzzer, using a piezoelectric material, which when subjected to external forces cause the piezoelectric material occurs piezoelectric materials generate a charge when deformed. Similarly, when the energized piezoelectric material deformation will occur.

Electromagnetic buzzer, mainly using current-carrying conductor generates a magnetic field characteristics, by a fixed permanent magnet with a magnetic force pushing current-carrying conductor is fixed to the coil of the tympanic membrane.

Due to the principle of two different pronunciations buzzer, but the structure is simple and durable piezo tone single timbre difference for alarms and other equipment. And as a result of electromagnetic sounds good, so much for voice, music and other equipment.
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